The Guild Philosophy of Dr. Suess

There have been many Dr. Suess interpretations floating around the internet lately about the upcoming presidential election.  I thought I would try my hand at one relating to Guild Management and what your members are thinking when they are unhappy.  I have recently changed guilds for some of these below reasons.  Let this be an eye opener to you.

I do not like your guild corruption
When I play it’s a huge disruption

I do not like the leadership
They are driving a sinking ship

I do not like the attitude
The way you yell is very rude

I do not like your snide remarks
They burn my back like flaming sparks

I do not like the guild bank
Withdrawing requires an army tank

I thought the bank was meant for all
Asking for items shouldn’t cause a brawl

I’m willing to pay fair market price
Whoever told you to charge more gave you really bad advice

The members aren’t your farming bots
We shouldn’t have to gather if we’ll never see pots

We’ve had enough, that’s it, we quit
There has to be a better fit

There has to be something better our there
At least a GM who actually cares

So we will venture on this epic quest
We will find a guild that treats us better than the rest

Sadly many guilds are run by corrupt officers that have no clue how to lead.  They are often too lazy to put the work needed into being a good officer.  The resources are out there.  People just need to use them.  It’s not the fault of the membership if the officers and GM don’t want to put in the time needed to do their homework.

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