Monkey Football

So the new Looking For Raid has dropped and by now most of you have gone through it. Unless you’re ilevel isn’t yet 460. If that’s the case then you’re screwed. If you haven’t stepped in yet, then you’re not missing much. LFR is for all intensive purposes LFR. It’s the same stuff but on a different day.

Don’t go into LFR if you’re expecting to learn fight mechanics. There are no fight mechanics. Let me rephrase that one. There are plenty of fight mechanics but they aren’t being used. It’s a horrible wonder to behold, 25 people in a mass aoe-fest. On the bright side, you can pretty much go through and turn your brain off.

The gear is decent, though if you’ve been keeping up on your dailies and buying valor gear is mostly useless. I’ve been in every week since it dropped and every piece I’ve won (sometimes double if I rolled one of my coins…yes…duplicate gear pieces can happen) I’ve ended up DE-ing in favor of a sha crystal, which in and of itself is useful for the higher end enchants of which 2 cost a whopping 10 crystals.

All in all, it’s a way to earn some quick and much needed valor points, POSSIBLY an upgrade depending on your valor gear situation, and some good entertainment watching 25 people act like monkeys humping footballs.


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