Deviant Warlocks

Welcome back fellow deviants. As your guide through the nether and with my personal research into the three paths of debauchery I have returned! You deviant warlocks are already accustomed too and familiar with the three specs, but for those who are not read on.

Affliction: The Proverbial slow, painful death. This spec utilizes shadow and the souls of fallen and dying enemies to power insidious damage of time spells, slowly eating away at your enemies a little at a time.

Demonology: Harnesses the power of demonic fury to unleash hell itself upon enemies and transform yourself into an avatar of those powers by becoming a demon incarnate to inflict new and more deadly horrors upon your enemies.

Destruction: The very meaning of chaos unleashed. Burning embers are your source of power, focusing the powers of fire and chaos and hurling them at your foes.

Riveting huh? Well here’s the skinny. So far, after a few sessions at the dummies, and a few thousand gold reforging back and forth, some real trial by fire, and a little deductive reasoning, along with some research into what various sites are saying, I have come to the conclusion that for me personally, affliction and demonology are my favorites. I know there’s a bunch of theory crafting and number crunching and spreadsheets floating around, but if you’re like me, being a casual player, I don’t want to have to decipher all that crap. I want to play. So I have, and you should too. It’s important to find the spec that works best for you. I personally have had the best results with the two aforementioned specs, with destruction bringing up a close rear.

Here’s the problem with destruction I have noticed. Your most damaging spells require burning embers. Not a big deal right? Shouldn’t be a problem since that’s your power source affliction uses soulstones right? Oh wait…. take into account that you have to cast and generate them at most 10% of one at a time. Which means that you can only use 1 powerful spell for every ten normal casts. Or ten spells per ember. With an average cast time of 2-3 seconds per normal spell, you’re talking 20-30 seconds before you get to even get to cast one good spell.

I’m not here to dissuade anyone from choosing that path, if it works for you then it works for you and I applaud your dedication to becoming a master of chaos and fire. For me, I have moved on, not up. For in Pandaria most specs are pretty equal (of course blizzard had to find a new red headed step child and bout time, mwhahahahaah), to the powers of shadow and souls and demons. Always learning we warlocks are. Always finding new and more diabolical ways to destroy our enemies and look stylish while doing it.

Remember dear deviants, the ways of the dark are not an easy path to tread, there are plenty of fair-weather warlocks (as we’ve seen since the expansion) but a true warlock doesn’t bend to the will of the creators…. he bends the creators will to his bidding.


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