WTF?! Warlock Tanking Fundamentals

Such a fitting acronym if I’ve ever heard one…. on all levels.

Seriously, I’m not sure what blizzard was thinking when they added the Glyph of Demon Hunting, which of course gives you the new skill Dark Apotheosis.  Surely you’ve seen locks running around with their (as my new friend Amijade calls them) dark angel wings.  But really…would you ever even think that such a thing would be possible?  Well, neither did I.  Until I tried it out.

While I love popping my wings out for show here and there, recently I decided to give it a shot and see just how viable the thing is.

Here’s the skinny…you glyph into Demon Hunting while in Demonology spec.  It adds a little button next to your metamorphosis.  You click zeee button and viola you are instantly a tank!  Well ok, not really…there is a method to using such an ability that requires some finesse and of course good judgment.

By popping out your wings you have now been given access to a number of different skills that you wouldn’t have access to otherwise.  As well as passive abilities that provide you with more survivability.  The passives include Physical damage being reduced by a % related to your mastery. Magical damage reduced by a % also related to your mastery and your threat (as if us warlocks needed a reason for our threat to be increased) increased by 500%.

Also included in this amazing package is Aura of the Elements (changed from curse of elements), Aura of Enfeeblement (changed from curse of enfeeblement), Demonic Slash (changed from shadow bolt), Carrion Swarm, Immolation Aura (changed from hellfire), Void Ray, Sleep (changed from fear), Fury Ward (changed from twilight ward), and Provocation (changed from soul shatter).

The rotation is relatively simple.  Provocation, Hand of Gul’dan, Corruption, Demonic Slash x 3, then Harvest Life and Immolation Aura.  Using Carrion Swarm for interrupts and Void Ray to extend your Corruption.  Use Fury Ward for damage mitigation along with unending resolve.  And keep up Aura of Enfeeblement for larger groups and elements for higher damage output on smaller groups. And Sleep for CC with of course all your standard cool downs for when shit hits the fan.  Abyssal/infernal if things get too hairy, dark soul for just a bit more umph…shadow fury is a good talent to have in general but especially for lock tanks.  I say Harvest Life instead of drain life because basically, this is a modified and more viable version of even the drain tanks of old.  And the more sources you can drain from the longer you’ll survive.

Now first…. I do not recommend running into a dungeon or raid and thinking you’re going to survive on your own…. as I said earlier this takes good judgment, and it can…. CAN be useful if shit hits the fan and your tanks die.  But it’s a backup tanking system at best.

However, I have found, that when you are questing, it is amazing.  Gone are the days of being squishy and dying to big mobs that got face pulled.  Voidwalker/voidlord?  Eh keep your felgaurd/wrathgaurd out.  The increased damage and of course the AoE wrathstorm is awesome for killing things quickly.

And you’re already the tank…sort of…kind of…well you’re less likely to die anyway.


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